responsive web development


Using the latest technologies available to design and develop your website to conform to todays standards.

Custom web application making your desktop or server data available from anywhere in the world.

CMS (Content Management Systems) that puts you in total control of your web content.

Full responsive web layouts, which automatically adapts to the desktop or mobile device your are using.

Android mobile development
Scaling down your desktop application to a smart device has never been easier.
Using the latest technologies like REST, you can now have your enterprise data in the palm of your hand.
Our applications are developed using java based code, which is native to the Android device.
Read more in our projects section about some of the applications which was developed for Android devices.
raspberry pi module
Although it sounds like a delicious treat, its one of the most powerfull credit card sized computers equipt with an ARM processor.
Its ideal for solutions where no computer monitor or keyboard is required. Its robust and has no moving parts.
Mainly used for embedded electronic projects, you can also use it as a normal desktop computer.
Read about our bulk SMS solution in our projects page to get an idea of that this little computer can do.
embedded electronics
Was there ever a situation where you had to collect data from an external electronic device or send electrical signals to such a device to control the its operation?
Bridge the gap with embedded electronics. These are programmable microcontrollers which can perform various actions based on the instructions sent from your computer or human interaction.
We custom design our own printed circuit boards (PCB) for our client projects and also use a range of Microchip's microcontrollers or the Amtel ATMega328 microcontroller for our embedded electronic projects.